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Gig Economy

  • The Gig Economy is expected to be $30B by 2025 with over 60% office- based employees working from home.

Micro Communities

  • 560 M smartphone users in India today,
  • 3.484 B active social media users globally today
  • 750+ influencer marketing platforms present worldwide supporting micro-communities and small brands

Talent Mobility

  • There will be 50% growth in the number of internationally mobile employees by 2020
  • 71 percent of millennial workers say they expect a global assignment during the course of their career
  • 53% of global companies report aligning mobility with talent strategy as a top challenge

Digital & Physical Work Ecosystem

  • 26,000 co-working spaces (44% in India).
  • About 13M people are expected to work out of coworking spaces in India by 2020

Financial & Health Wellbeing

  • Less than 1% of gig workers in India have access to on-demand credit
  • Lack of Fin Products lead to churn of upto 300% in Gig work
  • No Social Security coverage for Gig workers

Identity Management

  • The global identity and access management market is expected to be USD 23.38bn by 2025.
  • By the end of 2020, 30 billion + devices will be wirelessly connected.

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